We FUSE  technology and enterprise to reimagine business.

Our consulting engagements focus on using your data to develop in-depth insight into your company and the larger industry context in which it operates.


Working with your team,  FUSE uses these insights to identify individual problems as well as high growth opportunities.


The output of a consulting engagement is a clear innovation roadmap for the near future, along with a recommended path and specific steps to ensure you get there.

FUSE is uniquely positioned to serve as your Chief Digital Officer and collaborate with your team along their digital transformation journey.




FUSE enhances and refines and organization's process for introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services or products. In the same way that IT innovation calls for using technology in innovative ways to create a more efficient and agile organization, business innovation enables the achievement of goals across the entire organization, with sights set on accomplishing core business aims and initiatives.


The FUSE business innovation method utilizes digital transformation to help you achieve your goals by integrating digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's also a cultural change that requires your organization to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with change and growth.


Digital Transformation improves employee productivity and customer service, by adopting a holistic approach to the way that information is managed, used and shared across the organization.


FUSE will:

  • Collaborate with you to create a clear vision for how the business must change and why

  • Help you understand the impact of digital transformation on job roles and processes

  • Build roadmap with you enabling you to start with something small that will show immediate ROI and leading to a more complete business transformation over time.

  • Construct a bridge between management and workforce to engage and harness the energy of the entire organization in the transformation.



For over 20 years, the FUSE team have led a broad spectrum of digital transformation initiatives for organizations including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, ESPN, Lucasfilm, Barnes & Noble, State of California and Government of Singapore and many more

  • Justice & Public Safety including bodycam deployment with cloud analytics and crime scene data capture, lab information processing law enforcement video & evidence manageme

  • Media and Entertainment including reimagining content creation in the cloud, digital media channel launch,interactive DTV Pilot, mobile application development

  • Smart cities with cloud-based traffic management and parking solutions

  • Insurance industry workflow transformation, from mobile front end  to cloud analytics backend

  • Publishing and mobile newspaper industry digital transformation 

  • Digital and physical product development t

  • Digital sports transformation including Digital Sports Network, in-stadium apps and the d-Sports conference

  • Digital control systems for theme park and other entertainment facilities

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital digital transformation support





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